My Yoga Journey: Episode 2

Friday May 19, 2017

I feel like it’s been forever since I last wrote and for that I’m so sorry. My life got busy and there was just no time to sit down and write. On top of that I was sick, I still am but, I can still do my daily yoga and workout. After going non-stop everyday my body told me it was time to rest and breathe. I had woken up one morning and I knew that I was sick or at least unwell, like the idiot that I am, I thought, ‘I’ll be fine, I just need to do my workout and yoga video and then I’ll rest’. This, of course, was not what happened. I did end up working out but, it was extremely painful and difficult. I was struggling throughout the entire thing and my muscles ached. I ended up doing only the minimum of what was required for me that day and spent the rest of day relaxing and trying to recover. The next day was not any better, I had the stomach bug and I knew that I would be out of commission for a few days.

Now that my body has recovered, for the most part (I have a cough now), I have started up again with my workout and yoga. Something that I’ve noticed is my progress which I never imagined seeing until later. My flexibility when I started was really bad, I’ve never enjoyed stretching in general so I knew this would be a challenge. Now, I have gained more flexibility and am able to go deeper into some of the stretches and poses that I physically could not before. This is amazing and proves to me that I can push my body more to do things that I never thought I could do before.

My downward dog has improved so much and I love that now my heels touch the ground and I can really feel the stretch in the back of my legs. Something that was hard for me when I started was lizard pose. It opens up the hips and is a great stretch but, I found it painful in the beginning because my hips were not open at all. When I first tried going into lizard pose I couldn’t bring my forearms down because it hurt to much. Currently, I am loving lizard pose and have succeeded in getting my forearms down to the ground. It doesn’t hurt to go into anymore and I absolutely love the stretch it gives.

There are poses that I struggle with of course, such as pigeon pose. This pose is one of my biggest challenges, I can’t get my front foot high enough and it annoys me to no end. My hips have opened up and I think that it’s time I really worked to get this pose (I haven’t attempted to do pigeon pose since I got sick). Another one that I struggle with is forward fold. I know this seems especially basic but I struggle with it. Having tight hamstrings makes it hard for me to fold over from the hips without bending my knees and keeping my spine long.

This journey is a process and for every up there’s a down. I know that this will only help my body and mind and soul, even on the days when my body strains and I work myself to the bone.

I would love any advice or tips from you guys. What’s a pose that you find to be the most challenging?

Days in: 33

Days left: 332


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